Providing community and humanitarian services to foreigners as an initial step towards addressing various immigrant issues and ensuring that all parties involved benefit together.


  • Provide relevant services based on community and humanity to foreigners according to current needs

  • Provide modules to create awareness and sensitivity to all levels of society so that efforts to address the issue of foreigners can be done collectively

  • Providing with the latest digital infrastructure so that information can be obtained and services can be provided more systematically


A program that providing a comprehensive service platform in the field of managing foreigners in Malaysia

Greetings From
The Founder

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh and best wishes

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation and millions of thanks to all parties involved directly or indirectly in the success of the Khidmat Imigran Program. The Secretariat of Khidmat Imigran Program implements the Khidmat Imigran Program, which provides various social and humanitarian services to foreigners residing in Malaysia.

Among the services provided are counselling services, financial management services through e-wallets and prepaid cards, and the management and repatriation of corpses specifically for foreigners participating in this program.

Finally, I hope this program can benefit all parties involved. May God always bless and facilitate all matters related to this program until its pure goal is achieved.

Thank you.